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This page is for publications that may be downloaded. Each publication is in the form of a password protected Acrobat file. A valid password must be entered before the download can commence.

A link to each file and corresponding password is emailed (or mailed) to the subscriber upon receipt of payment. Each document has a reference number for tracking purposes.

Files may be saved to your local drive and may be printed.

Please respect the copyright holder's rights and do not redistribute any of the downloaded files. They are for the use of the original purchaser only.

In the event that you lose your password, please email me. I will maintain a record of all purchasers and corresponding reference numbers and passwords.

Available Publications

The First Five Years

A compilation of the content of Volumes 1-5 (1992-1996) of the Bell Jar. Over 200 pages of vacuum theory & practice, projects and useful tidbits. Table of contents is linked to chapters for ease of navigation. File size is approximately 11.5 MB. Price is $40.

Click here to view sample pages.

Coming Soon

The Second Five Years

A compilation of the content of Volumes 6-10 (1997-2001) of the Bell Jar. In addition to the content of the years mentioned this edition will also have the booklets Exploding Wires and Build a Quarter Million Volt Impulse Transformer that had previously been published separately. Price will be $40.

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