The MKS Plasma Process Training System (PPTS-1A) was developed as a collaboration between MKS Instruments, Manitou Systems and Portland (OR) Community College (PCC). PCC developed the curriculum content. Manitou Systems provided a 100 watt generator with integrated matching network and the chamber with substrate holder and magnetron. MKS provided the various measurement and control instruments, pump and other components that were required to integrate the assembly.

Above: The picture shows the various components of the PPTS-1A. One MFC is used for non-reactive sputtering with argon. A second MFC could be provided for reactive sputtering with, for example, oxygen or nitrogen. Control method was downstream with ratio control for reactive sputtering.

Note on the 146 Controller

The 146 instrument is now obsolete. There all alternatives.

MKS provided control and graphing software for the 146. This was for educational use only (not for industrial applications).

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