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From Little Questions to "Real Projects"

I have been developing vacuum related educational products for over 15 years and I am always ready to assist educators with tools to promote an understanding of this important technology. If you are an educator, feel free to inquire about anything that is related to this topic that I might be able to assist with. This might be as simple as a "how do I.....?" or be a more involved request concerning curriculum or hardware development.

Recently Completed Projects

Vacuum evaporation chamber (now manufactured and sold by The Science Source). This had its origin in a request from Bob Decker of Mohawk Valley Community College for "something that can demonstrate vacuum evaporation." Details here.
Demonstration RF/DC sputtering system. This highly portable system is now in use by an industrial process equipment supplier for both internal and customer training on plasma processes and RF principles. Typical forward power is just a few 10s of watts making this very simple and safe from a power supply standpoint.


In the Works

A combination sputter and etch (ion mill) chamber. This will include some simple auxiliary equipment to permit patterning of the sputtered film.
Simple PID closed loop pressure control system.
Vacuum oriented Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs).

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