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This section consists of resources and products that are intended for use by educators who are teachingtopics related to vacuum and vacuum processes. Much of the material here is related to the vacuum training systems sold by MKS (VTS-1B and PPTS-1A) and The Science Source (VPAL-A and VPAL-B).
If you have one of these systems, or any other vacuum educational apparatus, and have questions or need to expand the functionality of your system, these pages should lead you to what you require. If you don't have access to vacuum equipment and are curious about how to introduce vacuum topics into your curriculum, you will also find assistance on these pages.


Here is a concise summary of Vacuum Trainers from MKS, Varian, The Science Source and the American Vacuum Society. Included are links to datasheets, exercises, curricula, etc.
I have prepared a chart that compares the capabilities of the MKS and TSS vacuum trainers. The chart shows the various exercises and topical areas that are covered by these offerings.
The VPAL-A has a number of interesting and cost effective accessories that can be easily adapted to the VTS-1B or any other pumping system that can achieve stable pressures in the 50 to 500 milliTorr range. These include a set of plasma topics accessories, a hot wire vacuum evaporation kit and other useful products. Click here for more details.
I am now producing a number of Vacuum Trainer Accessories. These are compatible with the VTS-1B and the VPAL-A.
This site's discussion forum now has a section on Vacuum Training and Educational Systems. You are invited to participate.
I have assembled a Gallery with some photographs of vacuum trainers in use.
A growing number of video tutorials is in the works. Please check out the current index.
I am always available to assist with any area related to vacuum training. Click here for more information.

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