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Here are a number of accessories that can be used with the MKS VTS-1B and the TSS VPAL-A. Both of these trainers have KF40 manifold ports and KF16 gauge ports so the flanged items will mate directly with the corresponding ports on the trainer. Items that are attached to the compression fittings are available in either 1-1/2 inch (VTS-1B) and 1-3/8 inch (VPAL-A).
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Dial Vacuum Gauge with KF16 Flange DG16

This is a simple 0-30 inHg dial (Bourdon) gauge that may be used to indicate vacuum measured with reference to atmospheric pressure. On an instrument like the MKS VTS-1B, this can be used to compare atmosphere referenced gauging to the absolute scale as measured by the supplied capacitance manometer. When the local atmospheric pressure is known, a number of interesting exercises may be developed when this gauge is used in conjunction with an absolute gauge.

$60.00 each


The following are round glass vessels that can be used to create larger volumes for training systems that are designed to use 1-3/8" diameter or 1-1/2" diameter glass chambers. This is useful for pumpdown and Boyle's law exercises. They can also be used to demonstrate the effect of volume change on PID pressure control parameters. These vessels are spherical and made of heavy wall borosilicate glass. Each is coated with clear plastic resin for implosion protection.

V141L - 1 liter volume for 1-3/8" compression fitting $125.00

V151L - 1 liter volume for 1-1/2" compression fitting $125.00

V142L - 2 liter volume for 1-3/8" compression fitting $165.00

V152L - 2 liter volume for 1-1/2" compression fitting $165.00

V143L - 3 liter volume for 1-3/8" compression fitting $195.00

V153L - 3 liter volume for 1-1/2" compression fitting $195.00

MFC Fault

This item is a flexible tube containing a precisely sized constriction that is used in MFC troubleshooting exercises. The constriction induces the symptoms consistent with contamination build up within the MFC, a common cause of failure. In the exercise, a non-constricted inlet tube is attached to the MFC and the students record setpoint input (typically 0- 25 - 50 - 75 - 100 percent of full scale), flow output and valve drive voltage. This establishes a baseline record for the MFC. The instructor then attaches an identical inlet tube that contains the hidden restriction. The students then record the same information. From the data, the students then determine what the fault might be. This teaches the value of using the valve drive signal as a diagnostic tool.

The constrictions are designed to starve the flow controller at flow rates over 50% of full scale. A set consists of one unconstricted tube and one constricted tube. Each tube is made up of an inlet filter, tube assembly and fitting to mate with a 1/4" compression fitting. The inlet is open to atmosphere and the outlet of the MFC should be at vacuum.

MFC100 - 1 set for 100 sccm full scale MFC $60.00

MFC050 - 1 set for 50 sccm full scale MFC $60.00

Plastic Chamber and Baseplate BJ40

This is a modified Nalge polycarbonate vacuum jar assembly. The modifications include a centrally located KF40 flange and 3 electrical feedthroughs. This chamber can be directly attached to any vacuum trainer with a KF40 mating flange and is useful for a variety of exercises and demos involving Boyle's law (expanding balloon, etc.), water triple point, buzzer in vacuum, etc. Volume of this chamber is approximately 4.7 liters. Dimensions are 6-3/8 diameter by 9 inches tall.

No image

Phosphor Screen PH04

The MKS VTS-1B manual has instructions on how to assemble a cold cathode electron gun. Unfortunately the required electron-sensitive phosphor is hard to obtain in small sheets. This is plastic encapsulated professional grade Zn-CdS fluoroscope phosphor. Flexible, easy to handle and robust, this material can be cut to smaller sizes with scissors. Bright green fluorescence with moderate persistence, it is sensitive to electrons and x-rays. It may be used within vacuum systems in the medium to upper high vacuum ranges. Can be cleaned with soap and water and surface deposits may be removed with a 3M Scotchbrite pad. Cut size is about 1.9 inches on a side. Supplied with a copy of the MSDS. (Note, contains cadmium. Take care to avoid inhaling dust when cutting. Wash hands after handling.)

$18.00 per sheet

Ordering and Shipping Terms

On line payments may be made with PayPal. If it is desired to pay by check please mail your order to DiverseArts, PO Box 456, 34 Meadowbrook Lane, Owl's Head, ME 04854. Be sure to include the shipping charges.

I will provide confirmation of any order received within 24 hours. Most orders will ship within 2-3 business days although that may vary as I establish appropriate inventory levels. Glass chambers will, for the time being, be made to order with expected lead time not to exceed 3 weeks.

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Over $1000.00 $35.00

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