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Fragrance Oil chemically attacking the chamber lid

8 January, 2006 update

We have now seen one case where fragrance oils were used but didn't cloud the lid of the chamber. However, the oils apparently were doing their work on the chamber unseen until the chamber failed catastrophically. The picture below shows the result.

It appears that the base (white part) failed in the area where the circular foot joins to the bowl-shaped part. This piece then shot up into the chamber carrying gel along with it. These then penetrated the clear lid, separating the lid into two pieces.

Fortunately no one was hurt but the gel did make a bit of a mess. Please remember that implosion is a possibility with any vacuum chamber. Read and follow the safety instructions supplied with your BBB, always wear safety glasses and protective clothing and check your equipment for mechanical damage frequently.

Since this particular customer needs to use fragrance oils, we have supplied a metal/glass chamber that was adapted from a large (22 qt) pressure canner. The conversion consisted of the following:

The result is now in use and appears to be doing well, from initial results. We will plan to offer this as an option for people who want to use gels with solvent additives. Please write for further information. A picture of the prototype is shown below.

Posted January 25, 2004

After some further research we have come to suspect that some suppliers are adding solvents to stock scents. This suspicion comes from differences that have been observed with the same scents as provided by different dealers. So far we have found no pure scents that have attacked the chamber.

If you have experienced hazing or other attack on the debubbler lid, please note that we can supply replacement lids at a reasonable price. Please email for more information.

Posted November 30, 2003

We are having an issue with scented gel in the BBB. It has clouded two of the chambers. It looks as if the vapors from certain FOs literally eat into the clear plastic chamber lid. It is crazing the plastic and making it difficult to see through.

So far we are only aware of one FO that does this, Gelstuff's Hot Apple Pie. Deb has used Cherry Chocolates from Biomax with no problem. We also hear that Citrus Splash from Bitter Creek and Badedas from Rusticescentuals are compatible.

If you are using FOs in the BBB, please let us know if you are or aren't having problems. If you are unsure about using a particular FO, we may be able to run a quick test with a test strip of the same plastic (a sample of the FO would have to be sent to us.

As we receive input we will post "safe" and "unsafe" FOs for the BBB chamber. We are also looking at simple ways to protect the plastic from damage.

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