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Updated November 2008

We had offered 3 models of BBB3. Two had plastic chambers (BBB3 Pro and Dabbler) and one had a metal chamber (BBB3 ProProducer). These were offered as a total package, complete with pump and all accessories.

Recently we decided to only offer the metal chamber system as it has a higher volumetric capacity (22 quarts) and the metal is essentially impervious to the heat of the melted gel and the solvents that can evolve from some fragrance oils.

Also,when we began the enterprise, good/inexpensive pumps were hard to come by and much time was spent locating good deals and passing those savings along to purchasers.

The pump situation has changed significantly in the past 2 to 3 years. Very good Chinese pumps have come on the market (along with some not so good models) and the USA made pumps have stayed as good and the prices have come down.

What we are now doing is recommending pumps that can be purchased directly by the customer. These pumps have been tested and perform quite well. By buying these direct we avoid having to handle the pump (shipping, repacking, etc.) and as a result you avoid the markup that we have to apply.

The components that you purchase from us are the chamber with its manifold and gauge plus vacuum hose, a special fitting for the pump and a very complete set of instructions. The net result is that you can now purchase a BBB3 ProProducer for just about the same price that the Dabbler had cost.


The following pumps are compatible with the BBB3 ProProducer. Both are available from Amazon.com and are from reliable suppliers. Performance of these pumps in debubbling applications is nearly identical.

The Robinair15600 has a little more capacity and has a higher level of quality. Since it is a two stage pump, the base pressure is lower but that is really not noticeable for our purposes. Other features include 1/2 hp motor, inlet isolation valve, gas ballast valve (a feature that really helps if you get moist air into the system) and 1/4" and 1/2" SAE MFL (flare) inlet fittings. The manual may be found in PDF format here

The ATD-3425 is a simple single stage pump of Chinese manufacture. Free air capacity is 5 cfm and the rated base pressure is 200 milliTorr (Amazon's copy is in error). Other features include 1/3 hp motor, gas ballast and 1/4" SAE MFL and 1/2" ACME inlet fittings. There is no inlet isolation valve. The manual may be found in PDF format here.

Don't forget to order an extra container or two of pump oil. It's very important to keep clean oil in the pump.


BBB3 ProProducer Chamber

The new chamber is shown below. The chamber (what you purchase from us) consists of a thick walled aluminum vessel with inside dimensions of 12 inches diameter by 11 inches high. The viewport is thick tempered glass and the clear opening is 4-1/8 inches. The chamber comes complete with vacuum gauge, 5 ft of flexible pvc vacuum line, hose clamps and a special fitting to connect the hose to the pump port. (Please let us know which pump you are purchasing so that the correct fitting can be supplied). All that is required for assembly is a straight slot screwdriver and a small adjustable wrench. Price for the entire chamber assembly is $290.00 plus $25.00 shipping within the USA.

The picture below shows the older BBB3 ProProducer where the gauge is inserted in the vacuum line. The new configuration (above) is more convenient to set up.

Order by clicking the PayPal button below. You will be charged $315 inclusive of domestic ground shipping from Amherst, NH. USA orders only!

Please Note: If you wish to pay by check or desire delivery to a non-USA address, please visit the Contact page and provide us with the details of your request.

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