Here is what users of the BBB3 have to say!

Regarding the BBB3...I love it. When making my tractor candles, it saves me about 5-6 hours per candle, as there can't be any bubbles and the oven and I didn't get along. It is the most awesome machine I have ever seen. If you want bubble free candles, the BBB3 is the machine to get. When I first set it up, I was a little leary about turning it on, but once on, it is awesome to watch the bubbles come tumbling to the top. I would definitely recommend the BBB3 to gel candlemakers. Minerva D.

I am very excited about my new purchase, and wish I had bought one a long time ago. It would of saved me a lot of anguish. Janine L., Pasadena, Maryland

Keep a presto pot filled with debubbled gel and how convenient it is to make a candle and deliver it all in one day without spending hours with the heat lamp going - and it looks so much "fresher" too. Somehow the heat lamp makes it look old before its time. Anyway, I love my debubbler and look forward to working less and having more time to play! So many ideas that I can actually envision now without worrying that the embeds are going to melt or sink or whatever. It was well worth the investment and I thank you for making it available to us. Wendy G.

I love my BBB! I cannot tell you how much time it has saved me on my "emergency" special orders! It is so nice to know that once I pour a candle with de-bubbled gel that I won't wake up the next morning to a ton of bubbles that have magically appeared overnight in the candle! It is especially nice when I do those humongous candles that I can't fit into my oven to de-bubble because the glassware is too tall. I live in a cold state, so setting the candle out in the sun to de-bubble is just not an option. Now that I have a BBB, I no longer worry about that aspect of candlemaking. No more tweaking it with a heat gun, sitting it in front of a halogen lamp or out in the sun, or in the oven! It always comes out right the FIRST time! This little machine has improved my productivity and vastly improved my finished product! So what does all that mean? It means that my sales have increased tremendously! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Martha N., Taylor, Mich.

I purchased the Bubble Buster in May of 2003. We had a problem with too many bubbles around our pewter messages, sometimes distorting the message. The Bubble Buster took care of that in a hurry - our candles are crystal clear and and so are our messages. Ray T.

I'm a proud new owner of the BBB3 debubbler. To use one word to express what I think of this wonderful machine....FANTASTIC. I have been using my new debubbler for about a week now and it is just great. For the past year I have spent a lot of time and money trying to get a lot of the bubbles out of my candles, especially my seascapes. The process would take anywhere from one week to three or four sometimes. I use to use the sunshine method or a heat lamp. I tried the oven method and didn't like the results. But NOW I put my gel in the debubbler, pressure vacuum it for three minutes and behold gel with no bubbles! I have been producing more candles in a lot less time with a lot less energy now. I would recommend this machine to everyone. Thanks to Deb and Steve for developing this great little machine. Jerry in Oregon

©2003, Deborah Puerini & Stephen P. Hansen