This page serves to provide an overview of the Vacuum Training System (VTS-1B) as was manufactured and marketed by MKS Instruments of Andover, Massachusetts. Limited documentation is available at this time but please contact me if you need information or support concerning an existing system.

Above: The base VTS-1B consisted of a medium vacuum (mechanical pump) system with direct (capacitance diaphragm) and indirect (convection Pirani) gauges, a mass flow controller, a motor-driven throttle valve and control and display electronics (MKS Type 146). Also supplied was a pumped and sealed hot cathode ion gauge.

Above: The full system added a high vacuum pump, 100 amu residual gas analyzer, sampling orifice and an ion gauge.

Note on the 146 Controller

The 146 instrument is now obsolete. There all alternatives.

MKS provided control and graphing software for the 146. This was for educational use only (not for industrial applications).

Contact me for further details on the above.

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